How to clean the glass on a woodburner

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The glass on a woodburner can become obscured from burning wet or resinous wood, especially if you have been slumber burning for long periods, gradually it can get so dirty that you no longer can see the flames, consider that the inside of the flue liner will be in a similar state to the inside of your stove door if it is covered in tar then so is your flue  if you regularly have to scrub the glass then you should also be having your chimney swept every three months in use your chimney sweep can advice on this.

The best approach is little and often.

Materials required : Newspaper, water, wood ash and gloves.

Step 1 :

how to clean wood burner glass

 Lay a sheet of newspaper on the hearth under the door.Crumple a sheet for cleaning.

Step 2 :

Cleaning wood burner glass water

Wet the crumpled piece of newspaper.

Step 3 :

Cleaning wood burner glass dip in ash

Dip it in some wood ash. (no smokeless fuel ash this can scratch the glass)

Step 4 :

Cleaning wood burner glass scrubbing

Get scrubbing  recharge your newspaper with ash paste.

Step 5 :

Cleaning wood burner glass finished

Finish by wiping the paste off the door with a clean piece of paper

For more stubborn stains a good quality ceramic hob cleaner e.g. Hob brite can be used.

Dispose of the damp paper in the bin.

Be aware! Burning wet wood/ rubbish/paper waste/house coal  in your stove will damage your liner.

Wood burning – Sweep every three months in use

Smokeless – Sweep every year

Coal – never burn coal in a stove

Wood and smokeless coal-never at the same time burn either one or the other.

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