How to light a woodburner

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The following method is one I have used successfully on many types of wood burner the beauty of this method is that you do not have to attend to the fire for an hour or so after its been lit.

1. Materials :

How to light a wood burner

Two well seasoned not too big logs for the base. Lots of scrunched up newspaper. Two hand fulls of kindling. Two smaller logs for the top.

2. The upside down fire

Chimney sweep how to light a wood burner

Place two dry logs on the grate front to back this will form the base of the fire.

3. Building the fire

How to light a wood burner finished

Place the two smaller logs on top leaning against the sides of the chamber. Place the paper in the center. Build a log cabin with the kindling.

4. Light the paper

A fire in wood stove, just been lit

Open the bottom air vents of the stove and open the flue damper if you have one. Light the newspaper and close the door making sure all vents are wide open.

5. The kindling ignites

Fire wodburner the kindling has ignited

The downward burn begins.The flames are sinking into the lower layer.

6. The fire drops

burning kindling igniting lower logs

As the fire takes hold the burning kindling settles onto the lower layer.

7. The fire is soon blazing

How to light a woodburner Blazing fire

After ten minutes, the fire is going well inside the stove.

Turn the air supply down a little but aim to maintain a lively fire.

Re fueling After one or two hours you should have a glowing bed of cinders,open the door spread out the cinders evenly,now place 3 or 4 logs on the bed of cinders.Left to right if you want a hotter fire.Front to back –  if you prefer the fire to burn a little slower.Close the door and open all vents now let the fire roar for 10 minutes or so do not leave it un attended until the initial gases have burnt off.For maximum efficiency close the bottom vent perhaps not quite all the way, adjust the top vent until you see the flames dancing above the fuel.You will know you have hit the sweet spot when the flames are blue and rolling.

Wood burning – Sweep every three months in use

Smokeless – Sweep every year

Coal – never burn coal in a stove

Wood and smokeless coal-never at the same time burn either one or the other.


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