Nesting Birds

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A fire place full of nest

All live birds nests are protected by law and the penalties for disturbing active nests during the breeding season(May to August) are severe.

However here at swept Away, using CCTV equipment we can first check if a nest is active and verify if  it is a squirrels drey or a birds nest more often than not its either a failed attempt at building a nest or is long abandoned.If a live nest is detrimental to health e.g. a resident in the house has asthma e.t.c. then we have the correct licence to remove the nest whether it is active or not.We record the process so you can see that the nest has been completely removed and to verify that it was not active/removed during the nesting season.

bird cowl  178

Your Chimney Sweep can advice if an anti bird cowl is required and which cowl would best suit your chimney pot, bird cowls are not always necessary, if the nest was an old disused one then chances are the birds have decided that your flue just isn`t good enough.

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