How to light a smokeless coal fire.

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Whichever way you start your log  fire,  you will be amazed by the effect it has on your family as if by magic,long lost pets, children and elusive teenagers will appear …..

The following method is one I have used successfully in many forms of fireplaces using most of the available brands of smokeless coal.

A fireplace hearth with kindling,newpaper and smokeless fuel laid out

a fire grate with kindling on it

Newspaper with kindling on top

Fire with kindling and coal set

a hand with lighter igniting paper

fire has caught and has started blazing

 The burn has begun as the kindling ignites the chimney warms and the draw increases.

Place the fireguard

fire guard is now in front of the fire

To protect from sparks place the fireguard in front now don`t touch for at least half an hour.

Fire is well established.

fire is well alight flames glowing

Notice how the fire has a very hot center and the coals have begun to burn.

Top up the fire 

more fuel has been added

Two shovelful’s of fuel have been added to the center and rear of the fire.

Half an hour later

Fire is glowing and well established

The fire is pumping out heat,the flames are from the Blazers compressed logs.

Smokeless burns mainly from the bottom up, therefore it needs air from underneath, so keep the air gaps between the grates clear, but beware any poking should be from underneath and only to gently clear the air gaps while disturbing the fuel as little as possible.Smokeless fuel if stirred will go out.You get very little flame from this fuel so if you are after that blazing firelight the best option is a well seasoned log/Blazer on top.

Hmmmm toasty, time for a cup of tea.

Dont forget to always leave the fireguard in place in front of the fire even if you are only popping out of the room for a brief moment.

Open fires:

Smokeless – sweep every year.

Wood burning – sweep every 3 months in use.

Coal- sweep every three months in use

Gas – sweep and gas safe check every year

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