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Swept Away is a small, friendly family-oriented chimney sweep firm aiming to provide a first-class service for all of our customers. 

We do not repair chimneys, line them or fit wood burners but concentrate solely on sweeping and inspecting all flues and appliances.  We invest heavily in our business to provide a first-class modern service while upholding the traditions of our trade.
Although we have been invited to join the various chimney sweep associations which have sprung up over the last decade, we prefer to maintain our independence and loyalty to our customers while having a congenial working relationship with all the other bodies in our trade.  As well as being the chimney sweep of choice for most of the estate agents, construction firms and fireplace showrooms in and around Bath, we enjoy our independence and working for you, our customers.
Rory swept his first chimney working with his father in Ireland 30 years ago and continued helping him during the school holidays until he left school at 18 and set out on his own, working in the building business and as a much sought-after tree surgeon before seizing the chance to return to his family trade.  His experience in these other areas has added an extra dimension to the service his firm can offer its customers.
Rory enjoys tinkering with all things mechanical and overlanding, to date Rory has visited 47 countries where he delights in participating in local customs and culture.  He lives in an 18th-century cottage with his wife Liza, Emily the cat,  two stoves, three open fires and the brick bread oven. 

Swept Away Chimney Sweep

Rory Mc Bride

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