Covid 19

Please inform us if anyone in your household is displaying Covid19 symptoms or if anyone in your home is self isolating
We can reschedule or if needed I can drop off supplies to your doorstep! 


Here are a few steps you should take before I arrive:

1. Clear a space in front of the fireplace for me to work
2. Make sure the fireplace is free from ash and debris – this will reduce the time …..
3. Make sure that any ornamentation is safely removed
4. Air out the room and leave the windows open before I arrive – 10 minutes or more is best
5. I’ll let you know when I arrive – and ask that you leave all doors open leading to the fireplace
6. While I’m working, it’s safest that nobody in the house enters the room – this is to respect social distancing …….

And here are the steps I’ll take:

1. I’ve completed a WHO, ROSPA approved infection control and prevention course
2. No contact with any areas other than the fireplace
3. The fireplace will be sanitized before and after sweeping, using a non-staining, food-grade disinfectant
4. Freshly laundered ground sheets and overalls will be used – I use these only once before cleaning
5. I wash my hands before and after entering your home – I’ve installed a hand-washing station in my van

I have sorely missed social interaction with my friends and customers over the past few months, a socially distant outdoor chat would be very welcome!

Once again thank you for supporting us we appreciate your custom more than you can imagine.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Swept Away Chimney Sweep.

No Hidden Charges No Up Selling.


  • Up To 7 Stories (27 meters/85 feet)

  • Open Fires

  • Stove – Lined

  • Stove – Unlined

  • Jetmaster

  • Aga/All Cookers -Lined

  • Aga/All Cookers – Unlined

  • Oil Boiler

  • Gas Boiler

  • Inglenook

Additional £30

Nest Removal – Per Hour (99% of the time nests are removed within the hour)

Camera Survey – With Sweep Certificate and Relevant Pictures E Mailed to client.

Separate Formal Written Report.


+ Free

  • Compliance Survey

  • Sweep Certificates

  • Reminders

  • Door Cord Renewal (Customer Supplied)

  • Brick/Baffle replacement (Customer Supplied)

  • Advice – Fuel quality/Storage. Hints and Tips on your Appliance.

  • Children/Cats/Dogs/Pets Engaged and Entertained

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