Chimney Surveys

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Your chimney sweep begins by sweeping the flue then using a chimney camera we do a detailed  survey with a verbal report.We can also provide a written report for your records on request.

A chimney liner with a crack

Cracked liner after chimney fire. Its amazing how much damage a chimney fire can cause.

showing a brick trapped in flue with nest above

Brick and nest blockage.Caused by dropping bricks down the flue in a misguided attempt to clear a nest.

showing a hole in the flue wall

Breech in the flue wall leading to smoke ingress upstairs this was after a chimney fire.

view inside liner showing it to be upside down

Upside down, damaged liner.Ironically the builders who fitted this decided it was upside down then removed it and re fitted it with consequent damage to internal skin of the liner.

showing a bodged repair of flue wall

A bodged repair of flue wall this was done during the building of a walk in shower and has lethal potential.

cobwebs blocking flue

Gas fires need sweeping too and this is why – a dense mass of cobwebs restricting the flue.

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