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As a free service for all stove installs we check to make sure your stove has been safely installed to current  HETAS standards.Unfortunately the quality of installations varies wildly from technical non compliance to complete disasters.

view inside liner showing it to be upside down

Upside down damaged liner.

showing a dangerous installation

No fire stop plate this is a fire hazard.

poor ventilation

Poor ventilation this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

poorly sealed reg plate no sweeps access

Poorly fitted closure plate with no sweeps access very dangerous a fire hazard.

twin wall not boxed in

Twin wall not boxed in I found a pile of singed laundry against this, crazy.

no fire stop plate

Another absent fire stop plate, hooked up to a stove with no CE plate probably a factory reject.

exposed liner

Twin wall not shielded this had a load of cardboard boxes piled against it.

flue pipe adjacent to combustible fire surround

Flue next to combustible wood, incorrect length flue, wood not shielded.Unknown installer.

All of these are by local HETAS installers,none of them have been corrected by the installers.None of the above are safe to use. All of them are still in use. HETAS, building control and Avon fire service have been informed and are not able to act on this information, unless the home owner makes a formal complaint. As the law stands the homeowner will be personally and wholly liable for any consequent damage and injury as per the occupiers liability act 1957/1984.

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