Storing fire wood

When storing firewood it is essential to choose the correct storage method to protect your hard work and investment.

Improperly stored fire wood will lead to wet, unseasoned wood that`s prone to decay.Your fire will be difficult to light and maintain with poor heat output, tarring of your appliance and flue, increased risk of chimney fire`s and all round frustration.

A pile of fire wood on the ground covered in a tarp

All too often we see fire wood stored on the ground, in a damp dark corner of the garden with a tarp thrown over trapping all the moisture in.Choose a sunny spot in your garden with exposure to the prevailing wind, as a general rule of thumb if an area of your garden is unsuitable for drying laundry it is unsuitable for storing fire wood.

A well built fire wood shed basking in the sun

There are lots of ready made wood sheds available, or you could build your own with some basic DIY skills and scrap wood you can build an aesthetically pleasing shed which suits your garden.Generally constructed of a roof and three sides raised a minimum of 4 inches off the ground with enough capacity for two years supply,divided into two bays to ease rotation.

Here`s a few examples for inspiration

a fire wood shed

Using pallets as a base, on a well drained surface

a long,low fire wood store

Low down to comply with planning regulations

ultimate fire wood shed

The ultimate fire wood shed for the serious user.

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