More jetmaster hints and tips

A fireplace with jetmaster insert

Jetmasters are a very popular appliance in this area, a compromise between the joy of an open fire and the efficiency of a stove,ideally suited for re sizing over large fire places or for the more contemporary look of an inset appliance.


However as they are 50% efficient it does mean that they should be swept every three months in use.

Chimney Sweeping jetmaster(Page 16, instruction manual)

We recommend that flues should be swept at least twice a year, during the heating season.More frequent sweeping may be necessary where fires are burned throughout the year or where low grade wood or bituminous coal are used as fuels. Fires are provided with removable throst restrictors to fascilitate chimney sweeping and for the removal of soot from the top of the unit.

flue choked with tar

Its very important that only dry, well seasoned wood is used, as like most efficient appliances with wet wood they are very efficient tar makers.This image is of a jetmaster flue that has not been swept for some time,this resulted in a chimney fire, unfortunately the flue is no longer gas tight and will have to be reemed out and relined.

jet mastre control in fully open position

There is an adjustable baffle on the Jetmaster allowing you to adjust the draw, in practice unless you have the chimney swept every 3 months as per the manufacturers instructions or you have a very tall chimney or your house is exposed to high winds, its best to leave this control in the fully open position when its lit lest you tar up the chimney leading to a chimney fire.

control has been shut to just beyond the open label

If you must reduce the draw then no more than 40% e.g. just past the open tag.

ash pan with 1" of ash in the base

Leave a one inch thick  layer of  ash in the tray, wood is best burnt on a layer of ash,the tray is prone to buckling if this is not done.

jet master fire screen

Jetmasters come with a cleverly designed fire screen,this should be in place whenever the fire is left unattended or is not in use.

showing a jetmaster standing proud from the fireplace

A common problem we encounter with jetmasters is them walking out of their inset.

jet 7

This is generally the result of lack of effective sweeping as soot and tar  builds up behind the jetmaster forcing it out into the room.

Jetmasters are a great appliance, our customers love them,they are a great addition to any home,with a regular sweeping program they are trouble free and you will be amazed at their heat output coupled with a massive reduction in fuel use compared to an open fire.


Wood – Sweep every three months in use

Coal – Sweep every three months in use

Smokeless – Sweep every year

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