Smoke in room above.

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This can be a really hazardous situation as the carbon monoxide levels increase in the room above along with the smoke and smells.

A smoke filled bedroom

In order of likelihood your problem could be:

1.Breech in the flue walls.

interior of house with broken flue wallIf you have more than one flue in your property, a common problem is syphonage which happens when the dividing wall between flues has breeched and one flue is not in use this can lead to smoke being sucked down through the adjacent wall,equally damage to the flue either through deterioration over time or shoddy workmanship can lead to smoke ingress.

2. Syphonage between adjacent chimney pots

Chimney pots showing arrow out of one into anotherAlthough not often found, when one flue is warm and the adjacent flue is cold the cold flue can act as a suction device, added to the uniform height of the chimney pots you can have the smoke exiting one pot and promptly being sucked into the adjacent same height pot.

3. Damage to flue wall

holes in flue wall

This was caused by using the wrong grade of brush by a heavy handed sweep.

4.Cracked liner

A chimney liner with a crack

This was most likely the result of a chimney fire with smoke leaking into 1st floor bedroom.

5.Missing brick

hole in flue wall

A brick fell down the flue and afterwards smoke ingress to upstairs bed room

CCTV is an essential tool for problem solving, if you are having problems, contact us for a sweep and camera survey to investigate the cause.

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