Chimney Draft Excluder

Not for use with a gas fire !

A chimneys function is to draw air up and out of a building, you can spend a fortune insulating your loft and installing double glazing  but if you leave a disused chimney open you will lose a lot of expensive warm air.But rest assured your chimney sweep has a low tech solution.

Pigeon on chimney pot "mmm free heat"

There is a way of foiling these pesky free loaders.

Step 1

Pigeon atop chimney sweeps brush above chimney pot

First, to avoid future problems have the chimney swept.

If there is a history of nesting consider having an anti bird cowl fitted.

Step 2

Filling a  bin liner with news paper

After sweeping, loose fill a bin liner with newspaper.No need to scrunch it.

Step 3

This is about the standard size for a chimney

This is about the standard size.Close the bag with a few twists.

Step 4

Sealing bag with tape or string

Seal the bag with tape or string leave a length dangling.This is to mark that the flue has been plugged.

Step 5

Tearing a little hole in bin bag

Tear a small hole in the bag.This is to make it easier to insert the bag into the flue.

Step 6

Inserting bag into chimney

Insert the bag into the chimney.You may have to use a broom handle to push it firmly into the flue.

Step 7

length of tape dangles into fire place

Make sure the dangle is visible (you may need to tether it) just in case you forget the bags there and you try to light a fire.

If  the fire is to be used  remove the bag the night before, if not you may need to warm the flue.

Always leave a gas fire flue permanently open

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